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The World of Maya

Welcome to the World of Maya, a land where moments mislead and shadows tell the truth.

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The World of MAYA

A world of illusion.

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The World of mohA

A world of destiny.

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The hidden world_edited.jpg

The World of KAAL

A world of consequences.

Uniting the fan for the first time in history

The multiverse with untold stories.

Welcome to the World of Maya, a place dedicated to fans of all kinds – from "The Matrix" thrill-seekers to "Batman" heroes, "The Avengers" adventurers, and "The Lord of the Rings" explorers – will feel right at home. Here, you'll find stories of justice, time-travel wonders, and unique characters. Dive into this captivating world of magic and mystery, perfect for every fan.

Book 1: "The World of Maya" – Journey from Earth's familiar grounds, diving into a narrative rich with themes of justice and equality.

Book 2: "The World of Moha" – Venture into a distant galaxy, where a tale of revenge intertwines with the quest for enlightenment.

Book 3: "The World of Kaal" – Explore the enigmatic planets orbiting a black hole, uncovering a story deeply rooted in the aftermath of choices and their consequences.


hero & Monsters

The clash between these powerful personalities unfolds against a backdrop of cosmic significance, weaving a tale of destiny, sacrifice, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness that seamlessly blends mythology and fantasy.

The World of Maya

The complex network of interconnected worlds and dimensions.

Story Driven

Different world, different stories, different past.


Surrender or survive.


Are you living in an illusion too? Get ready to uncover the truth.

A world within a world

A loop hole that you cant escape, welcome to the world of maya.

 Join us!

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